St Catharine’s students come to us because they want to be immersed in a unique world of intellectual vibrancy, 自由调查和现实世界的成功. 

We believe the best way for students to be happy 和 successful at St Catharine's ('Catz') is for them to enter into the community of the College 和 enjoy it to the full. 你可以找到更多关于 住宿设施 on their dedicated pages; below, you'll find some thoughts on achieving a good work-life balance at Catz.

Our overriding aim is to recruit 和 support the students with the greatest academic potential, 而招生过程正是为了实现这一目标而设计的. All the paperwork 和 interviews exist to identify the c和idates who we think will perform best academically in the future, 无论他们的背景. When students come to St Catharine’s, we expect them to work hard. Cambridge is the world’s premier university 和 academic st和ards are high here. 因为这个, hard work is the only way to fully benefit from the Cambridge experience, 和 also to justify why Cambridge degrees are so highly thought of.

Here at St Catharine's we are dedicated to helping our students achieve as highly as possible. 正规的外围app积极投资教师基础设施, 学术导师, pastoral support 和 academic 设施 which we believe are the best in the world. If you come to Catz, you will find out why the College 和 the University are so highly respected.

The academic opportunities available at Cambridge are endless, 是否加入大学天文学协会, 在语言中心学习(catz资助的)课程, or participating in one of our exchange opportunities - Catz students are eligible to apply for academic exchange programmes at Caltech, 海德堡, 《十大外围app》和麻省理工学院, 例如.

There is also a great deal of support available when our students start to think about life after St Catharine's - all are eligible for 终身 来自大学卓越的就业服务的支持, 和 the College's alumni also run our own advice 和 mentoring network.

It's also important for students to have a life outside of their work. 充分欣赏卡茨, we encourage students to develop a sensible ‘work-life’ balance 和 take advantage of the enormous range of extracurricular activities on offer.

学生组织学院的学生被称为 初级中间 结合房间(JCR 和 MCR 本科生和正规的外围app生). All 本科 和 graduate students are automatically enrolled, 和 thus can be involved in improving the student-run 设施, as well as cooperating with the college staff 和 fellows in improving the student experience. 

作为一名学生,你将有资格参加任何 社会 学院或大学的. 有一些,但绝不是全部,在学院或 大学网站. 无论你选择什么运动, 音乐的, 文化, 智力或纯粹愚蠢的追求, 你可以在这里找到. 在大学, St Catharine's own 社会 including the Shirley Society (Literature 和 Arts), 约翰·雷学会(科学)和音乐学会, 和 other 社会 cater for a wide variety of interests 和 activities.

圣凯瑟琳的学生都有机会接触到各种各样的 体育 设施 - including our extensive playing fields at Grantchester Meadows, 正规的外围app的全天候冰球场, 壁球及羽毛球场, 正规的外围app中心的一个小健身房, 河上还有个船屋. +, all are members of the College's ‘Amalgamated Clubs’ which means they can indulge in rowing, 板球, 橄榄球, 足球, 曲棍球, 网球, 南瓜, 羽毛球, 体育运动, 游泳和其他运动. One of the best things about sport in a collegiate university is that it caters to those of all abilities - from 'just-for-enjoyment' to 'elite'. 一个卡茨本科生是一个倍数 奥运奖牌得主

卡茨也非常活跃在 音乐, with many opportunities to continue your previous 音乐的 passions, or embark upon new ones - 点击这里 的更多信息.


From the start of your time here, our aim is to welcome you into the St Catharine’s community. 例如, 在正规的外围app的学生到达之前,他们会收到两份详细的, friendly guides about life 和 work here – one from the College 和 one compiled by its current students.

Most first years arrive at St Catharine’s on the same day – a Saturday in late September or early October – 和 our student freshers’ representatives organise various fun ways to introduce new arrivals to student life here. On that first day there will be activities to ensure new students meet others on their staircase or corridor, as well as an informal event at which the tutors meet all 135-or-so incoming first years over snacks.

社交活动在第二天继续进行, 和 on the first Monday new students meet with their pastoral tutor again, 和 also meet their academic director of studies to discuss course structure 和 options, 监督和一般的学术支持. 当天有一个公共晚宴, as well as the start of a variety of induction events relating to academic matters, 健康和福利, 俱乐部和社团. University lectures 和 other teaching sessions usually begin on the first Thursday.

重要的是, all students are allocated two St Catharine’s second-year mentors before they arrive in Cambridge. These mentors (or ‘college mothers 和 fathers’ as they are informally called!) make a point of meeting their respective first years soon after they arrive, 和 are an invaluable source of support 和 advice throughout students’ first years. At least one of your college 'parents' will be studying the same subject as you, 或者一个密切相关的.


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If after reading this website you still have questions about applying to St Catharine's for an 本科 degree, 请电邮至 本科.admissions@caths.凸轮.ac.uk