剑桥大学的结构与众不同, but one of its most important (and enjoyable) features is that it is collegiate. Students spend some of their time in one of thirty-or-so colleges. All postgraduate students at Cambridge are affiliated with a college, 那么你为什么会选择圣凯瑟琳?

Why Catz?

圣凯瑟琳教堂建于1473年 – or Catz, as it is belovedly called – is one of the oldest Cambridge colleges located in the heart of Cambridge city centre. Roughly 350 of our student community of 750 students are postgraduates, and every year we welcome around 110–120 new students from across the world. 


Catz is a vibrant intellectual community for postgraduate scholars of every discipline. 2019-20学年, 195 of our 353 postgraduate student body were engaged in doctoral research while 110 postgraduates were undertaking Master's degrees. 81 of our postgraduate students were from the EU; 102 were Overseas while 170 were UK. 

Whether you wish to undertake a PhD programme or one of the many one-year Master's programmes offered across the University, 卡茨可以成为你的家.


“卡茨很棒,因为它超级友好. 人人都是朋友" -安娜·哈钦森,生物统计学博士,三年级
“到目前为止,我在卡茨度过了最好的8年! Not only is the graduate community one of the most socially active at Cambridge (everyone is friendly, we can go punting for free) and its location (both main site and offsite accommodations) make it ideally placed for pretty much every department, 他们非常平易近人,知识渊博, 公共休息室里有一台储备充足的咖啡机. The College has been far more mindful of supporting student welfare before and during the pandemic than many others" - Souradip Mookerjee,医学硕士/博士
“I love Catz because of its ideal location and lovely atmosphere. It's right in the middle of town and the medium size means people are happy to stop and chat. The bar is great and well stocked, and the formals are possibly the best in Cambridge"  Jess Forsdyke,土木工程博士,二年级
"I had heard rumours of Catz’s reputation for friendliness and have found the community to be very supportive, 在正规的外围app生导师的帮助下”- Nadene Dermody, PhD 认知神经科学,二年级

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圣凯瑟琳有一个特别活跃和欢迎 MCR. The Middle Combination Room (as the MCR is officially known) is the social, 正规的外围app生社区的学术和学院中心. 这是正规的外围app正规的外围app生的统称, who choose elected representatives to work on behalf of their members, 以及MCR使用的公共休息室的名称, 位于学院主庭院的中心. The MCR Committee organises social events throughout the year and functions as an important liaison between postgraduates and the College and the University.



"The Jas Bains scholarship has ensured that I am best placed to serve my local community in Cabinet at such a pivotal point in time locally, nationally, 和全球. In light of probable economic and social challenges emanating from COVID-19, both the MPhil and my background mean that I am able to manage ambiguity, to consider the implications of this in the future of policymaking in Brent, where I am now implementing learnt skills in local Cabinet as Lead Member for Community Safety and Engagement" – Promise Knight, 公共政策硕士
“获得布拉顿奖学金使我有可能获得哲学硕士学位, 让我在这一年里专注于我所热爱的事情, 也为我的正规的外围app事业打下了基础. 我非常感谢卡茨对我的支持。” -乔恩·塔布希,哲学哲学家 & 思想史
"The Bratton Bursary has supported me as I broadened my knowledge through research of the polar regions. 没有这个基金, my year of study would not have been financially viable" –  Naomi Lefroy, 正规的外围app型地理

2019年1月, the College launched its largest ever fundraising campaign entitled ‘Our College, Our Future’ to raise funds to support a wide range of major priorities, 包括对困难学生的经济支持. In 2019-20,正规的外围app生28人 MPhil and PhD bursaries and scholarships, a number we are increasing year on year. We firmly believe that finance should not prevent the most talented students from studying at Cambridge.



Catz has a range of high quality postgraduate accommodation located around and in easy access of the city centre. We aim to guarantee accommodation to all incoming postgraduate students for their first year of study, 但往往能够提供超出这一范围的住宿. (Please note that you do not have to live in college accommodation at any stage of your course.)

We are fortunate that our main site is located right in the historic centre of Cambridge within walking distance of most of the 剑桥大学's faculties and departments, 还有商店, social, 文化和其他活动. 学院也很有吸引力和紧凑, 结合了17世纪和18世纪的建筑和花园, with striking modern spaces created by more recent building projects.



Catz students often comment on how many people are available to help them if they have financial, 健康或情绪问题. 学院推行积极的牧养制度,以支援学生, 包括加入学院自己的福利团队, and the University’s also has a student counselling service for any student who runs into difficulties. 还有许多非正式的支持来源, 如友好的教师, 牧师, 正规的外围app学校的护士, 其他工作人员和, of course, 其他学生也. 



The College has two libraries with an extensive collection of books, 古代和现代, and our postgraduate students also have access to the University’s vast library facilities. 所有的学校都可以上网. 卡茨也有许多体育设施, 包括一个船, a gym, 壁球及羽毛球场, and a large sports ground a short cycle ride away from our central site at Grantchester Meadows, 包括一个全天候的人造草坪曲棍球场. Our students are actively involved in a range of different clubs and societies in both the College and University, which also provide unparellel careers support for students and alumni.



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