1. 行为准则:行为规则

  2. 行为准则:具体policies

  3. Disciplinary Procedure

General Principles

St Catharine’s College is an inclusive and tolerant community of 正规的外围app员, Student Members and staff. Student Members are required to behave in a way that is consistent with membership of this collegiate community. In general, this means that they are required to:

(a) show due respect to others, including 正规的外围app员, other students and members of staff,

(b) conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner, and

(c)避免有损于纪律或良好秩序的行为, or that would tend to bring the College into disrepute.

应阅读本行为准则, and will be interpreted, 连同学院其他相关官方文件, including the College’s 新型冠状病毒肺炎 Regulations,  酒精 Use and Abuse持有或滥用毒品,在 Bullying and Harassment; the College’s 互联网使用的规则和指引, and the College’s 正式的大厅行为准则. 


1. 行为准则:行为规则

All St Catharine’s College students are responsible for following the College’s Code of Conduct. Not knowing or forgetting about these rules is not a justification for not following them.

1.1 学生 must:

(a) behave considerately towards the 主, 正规的外围app员, 或学院其他成员, College staff and visitors;

(b) comply with instructions issued by any person or body authorised to act on behalf of the College, 正当履行职责时;


(d) comply with the terms of the code of practice issued under the provisions of section 43 of the Education (No. 2) 1986年关于在大学场地举行集会和公众集会的法案;

(e) comply with the Statutes, 一、书院条例及规章, together with any rules, 学院根据其章程和条例制定的程序或policies.

1.2. 学生 must not:


(b) engage or attempt to engage in physical misconduct, sexual misconduct, racial or sexual harassment, or abusive behaviour towards any other College member, 员工 or visitor;

(c) engage in behaviour prejudicial to the good order of the College or liable to cause a disturbance in the College;


(五)非法干预或企图干预学院活动的, 或与任何学院成员一起学习, 或与学院成员或员工在履行职责时发生的纠纷;

(f)损害, misappropriate or occupy without appropriate permission any College property or premises, 或因学院活动而进入的任何财产或场所;

(g) interfere in the freedom of speech or lawful assembly of a College member, 员工, or visitor;

(八)损坏或挪用学院成员的财产, 员工, or visitor; or belonging to anyone within College grounds or during the course of a College activity;

(i) endanger the health and safety of anyone within College grounds or in the course of a College activity;

(j)伪造, falsify or improperly use information to gain or attempt to gain a personal advantage in the College.

1.3. 《正规的外围app》下的定义如下:


(b) ‘The code of practice issued under the provisions of section 43 of the Education (No. 1986年法案涉及在大学场地举行的会议和公众集会. 《正规的外围app》已备妥 在这里

c) ‘Rules and procedures established under the Statutes and Ordinances’ include procedures that govern student conduct; regulations governing information services, 自行车, boats and other College equipment; and the payment of fees and fines.

(d) ‘Anti-social behaviour’ is any behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, 对另一个人的警告或困扰. Anti-social behaviour includes public drunkenness, 乱扔垃圾, excessive noisiness, 不体谅和不恰当地使用学院的空间和设施.

(e)“身体不当行为”是指任何不必要和不合理的接触. 身体上的不端行为包括掐人, 冲, 踢, 拍打, 拉头发, 咬, 推, 推搡, 使用武器和使用物品作为武器.

(f)“不当性行为”是指任何不想要或未经允许的性活动. 性活动包括性行为, 接吻, sharing private sexual materials of another, touching through clothes, showing sexual organs and remarks of a sexual nature. 不正当性行为可以发生在物理和虚拟环境中.

(g) ‘Abusive behaviour’ is any unwanted behaviour which is likely to to (i) cause harm to another; (ii) have the effect of violating another’s dignity; or (iii) create an intimidating, 充满敌意的, 有辱人格的, humiliating or offensive environment for that other. It includes threats, 辱骂的评论, 非法物质的使用或供应, making malicious accusations, 多次联系某人, and abuse that takes place within an intimate relationship. 虐待行为可以发生在物理或虚拟环境中.

(h) The word ‘unwanted’ means ‘unwelcome or ‘uninvited’. 一个人没有必要反对这种行为,因为这种行为是不受欢迎的.

(i)“不允许”一词指“不允许”或“未经批准”. 许多行为可以表明在哪里得到了许可, 例如, 口头评论或身体动作. 活动的许可只能在活动正在进行的时候给予,并且在这个时候,这个人可以选择是否给予许可. 对于某项活动是否不允许存在分歧, 适用的试验应是, 考虑到所有的情况, 合理人士是否会认为该活动是不允许的.

(j)“学院活动”是一种学术活动, 体育, social or cultural activity either on College grounds or elsew在这里 in the context of a person’s membership of the College. ‘Activities of the College’ include activities that involve other organisations working in partnership with the College.

1.4. 在下列情况下,违反《正规的外围app》的行为可被视为较为严重:


(b) it was motivated by the protected characteristics* or perceived protected characteristics of another;

(c) it was intentionally committed by the 被调查者;

(d) it has resulted in serious harm or damage;

(e) it has had a serious impact on the College Community, 就是明证, among other things, any Impact Statements;

(f) the 被调查者 has gained or could have gained a significant advantage as a result of the breach;

(g) the 被调查者 has previously been found to have breached the same rule of behaviour, or other rules of behaviour on more than one occasion;

(h) the 被调查者 has not complied with any sanction or measure imposed under the Student Disciplinary Procedure;

(i) the 被调查者 has breached precautionary action measures whilst the Student Disciplinary Procedure has been ongoing;


(k) the 被调查者 has attempted to conceal or destroy evidence; or to coerce or intimidate officers, 呈报人士或证人, in relation to that breach;



2. 行为准则:具体policies


2.1.在学术界,过度的噪音是不可容忍的. 学院的学生成员必须在这方面为他人着想.

2.1.2 音乐 Hours are 10.上午00至10时.不属于考试安静期的任何一天的下午五时. 在音乐时段,音量必须保持在一个可接受的水平. What constitutes an ‘acceptable level’ falls to be determined in the circumstances of individual cases. 然而, 对他人对和平与安宁的合理期望造成严重干扰的噪音,通常会被认为是不可接受的. Outside 音乐 Hours, 播放录制好的音乐, 除在许可的练习场地外,禁止使用收音机及乐器, 除了使用耳机的时候. Authorised practice spaces may be used at other times, by arrangement with the Director of 音乐.

2.1.3 Regular Quiet Period is the period between 11.下午00及8时.00 am the following day. Movement on staircases and corridors and within rooms during Regular Quiet Period should be as quiet as possible.

2.1.4 During 教堂服务, concerts and lectures, 学生会员在会场外坐下或站立时,应小心轻言细语.

2.2 Examination Quiet Period

2.2.复活节学期开始,考试静默期开始. It remains in force until the last Tripos paper and/or practical examination in any subject is over. 考试安静期的目的是,任何学生都不应因不顾他人的行为而影响学业或睡眠.

2.2.2 Student Members are required to behave in a manner that is consistent with the purpose, as defined in paragraph 2.2.上述第1项规定的考试静期. 特别是:

(a) Voices should be kept to the level of ordinary conversation (exceptions are the congregation, 参加教堂礼拜时, 和唱诗班, 练习或表演时).


(c) Movement around the College estate, particularly on staircases and corridors after 11.下午00,应该尽可能的安静.

2.2.3 In the event of these regulations being breached, 纪律处分可能包括(但不限于)没收音响系统,并在11点以后实行宵禁.00 pm. ‘Sound system’ includes a computer or other electronic device being used for a relevant purpose.


2.3.1 St Catharine’s College will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs by members of the College. Student Members who are found using or in possession of such drugs are liable to serious penalties, including expulsion. Student Members are referred for guidance to the 持有或滥用毒品.


2.4.1 Student Members of the College should be aware of the dangers of excessive consumption of alcohol. Drunken behaviour is frequently anti-social and destructive; such behaviour will not be tolerated.

2.4.2 Student Members are not permitted to take part in drinking games, or to encourage others to do so.

2.4.3学生会员如欲进一步了解学院的有关policies,请参阅 酒精 Use and Abuse.


2.5.1 Smoking is prohibited throughout the College estate. For this purpose, ‘smoking’ includes the use of e-cigarettes and comparable devices.



2.6.2 Academic dress is to be worn at Formal Hall and on any other occasion when it is expressly directed. 教堂礼拜鼓励但不是强制性的. 学位服包括十大外围app(St Catharine’s College)的学士服,如果是毕业生,则是本大学的学位服, and suitable formal wear.

2.7 .正式宴会厅及其他正式晚宴

2.7.1 Formal Hall is an occasion on which all members of St Catharine’s should wear gowns, 访问校友除外. 会员及其客人必须穿着得体. ‘Smart dress’ is defined without reference to considerations of gender identity or expression. 这意味着一套西装(或裤子和夹克), a shirt with a collar, 一条领带, 还有鞋子(不是运动鞋或凉鞋), or equivalent formal dress. The staff are instructed to refuse admission to anyone coming to Formal Hall improperly dressed.

2.7.未经允许,任何人不得擅自离开座位, 除非发生紧急医疗事故或有必要撤离大会堂. Before entering Hall those dining should ensure that they are sufficiently comfortable to remain seated till the g比赛.

2.7.3学生会员及其客人必须遵守本章程 正式的大厅行为准则.

2.7.正式宴会厅不允许敬酒. At other formal dinners (e.g. club or society dinners), toasts are only permitted when serving staff are not in the room. 当工作人员进入房间时,任何正在进行的祝酒词都要迅速结束,学生们要留在座位上,食物和饮料被端上来或陶器等被清理干净. This is for the safety of students and staff.



2.8.1 Parties may not be held in any College accommodation without the express permission of the 迪安.

2.8.2 For this purpose, “聚会”指的是八个人以上在一个房间里的聚会, or an assembly of more than 12 persons in a single flat.





(b) It is the responsibility of the host to see their guests off the College premises by 11.45 pm.

2.9.2见第二条.7.5, 2.9.3和2.10.2 .客人人数的限制.

2.9.3 Student Members may have guests to stay overnight on College premises subject to the 条件 given below. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the hosting Student Member to ensure compliance:

(a) the 迪安’s permission must be sought at least one week in advance to host more than two overnight guests;
(b) the 迪安’s written permission must be sought in order to host a guest under the age of 18 years; no guests under the age of 16 years are permitted;
(d)客人必须在不迟于10点前在主门房登记.00 on the first night; the duty porter at St Chad’s is also informed of any overnight guest at St Chad’s;
(e) the hosting Student Member may book a guest room at the Porters’ Lodge at no more than 14 days’ notice.

2.10 The College Bar

2.10.1学院酒吧对所有学院成员和工作人员开放, and their guests, 后者年龄在18岁以上,并由东道主陪同.


2.10.3、办公时间规定, 会计主任会不时发出人手编制及其他使用条件. The Bar is liable to be closed at any time in the event of noise or other misbehaviour, by order of the Head Porter, 波特的责任, 迪安, 财务主管, 运营总监或高级导师.

2.10.4 The College Bar is for the enjoyment of all Members of the College and of its staff. 无论是JCR, MCR, College Clubs and Societies, nor any other group is permitted to monopolise the Bar for its own use without prior permission from the 迪安.


2.11.1海报或告示不得张贴于书院的公共地方, including staircases, 除非在所提供的告示板上. This prohibition extends to notices advertising candidates for election campaigns for JCR and MCR committees.

2.11.2海报, 从最广泛的意义上说, should not be displayed in windows of private rooms, 或以造成装修损坏的方式粘贴.

2.11.3住在Main Court或Sherlock Court一楼的学生成员,应考虑张贴在某些墙上的海报可能容易被路人看到的可能性, 尤其是当房间里亮着灯的时候. They should t在这里fore take particular care to avoid displaying material that may be deemed offensive.

2.11.4 Door-to-door solicitation of funds or other donations, 出售的商品, 学院禁止为政治或宗教目的拉票.

2.12 Bicycles and scooters

2.12.1学生会员不得将自行车或踏板车留在校内任何地方, except in the underground store beneath the 正规的外围app员’ Car Park or in the bicycle store at St Chad’s. Bicycles and scooters left elsew在这里 may be impounded until 一个很好的 is imposed on and paid by the owner.


2.12.3 Student Members are reminded that 自行车 and scooters should not be left on the streets or pavements outside College, 除非在指定的自行车架内.

2.12.4 All Student Members having 自行车 in Cambridge are required by College and University regulations to number them. 新学生会员在进入宿舍前,会被告知他们的号码, and should paint their number on their bicycle before coming up; the letter S (which indicates St Catharine’s College) must prefix the number.

2.13 Motor vehicles



2.14 College lawns

2.14.学生会员不得进入主院及夏洛克院的草坪, 除非财务主任以书面批准举办游园会或音乐学会举办夏季音乐会.


3. Disciplinary Procedure

The role of the 迪安 is to maintain discipline and good order among the Student Members of the College. Most disciplinary matters are dealt with by the 迪安. 然而, particularly serious matters are referred to the College’s Discipline Committee.

3.1. Glossary of key terms


完成手续函件: 确认完成学院内部程序的信函, following which a student may be able to raise a complaint with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator

担忧: The description of the behaviour causing concern, as alleged by the Reporting Person

院长: A 大学官 with responsibility for determining whether a Concern should be investigated, 进行任何调查, 在一个不严重的案件中(i.e. 可能需要纪律处分包括书面警告的案件, community service, 一个很好的, 酒精禁令, 宵禁, or a lesser sanction), 或交由其他程序或纪律委员会处理. W在这里 a Concern is referred to the Discipline Committee, the 迪安 is responsible for presenting the charge(s) and Investigation Report to the Committee.

Discipline Committee: A panel of five or more from among the Official and Professorial 正规的外围app员 of the College, which determines whether the Rules of Behaviour have been breached in a serious case (i.e. a case potentially requiring disciplinary action above and beyond a written warning, community service, 一个很好的, 酒精禁令, 宵禁或两者的结合), or when the case has been otherwise referred to it. If the Committee determines that a breach has occurred, it has the authority to impose sanctions or measures.

Impact Statement: 报告人或证人的书面声明,描述被指控违反行为规则的个人影响

Investigation Report: The report created by the 迪安 following an investigation.

学生: 作为学院的学生成员在该大学学习课程,或在另一所大学学习课程,并在该大学和/或学院具有访问或附属身份的人.

Reporting Person: A person who is reporting a Concern about a Student.

被申请人: 被指控行为受到关注的学生.

Rules of Behaviour: 学院制定的有关学生行为的规则.

证人: 目击答辩人行为的人,或目击关注书所指称与答辩人行为有关的事项的人. The 见证 may be someone to whom the alleged behaviour was directed, or a third party.

3.2. Scope and Principles

3.2.1     This procedure enables the College to consider whether a Student has breached the Rules of Behaviour and, if it is found that the Rules have been breached, to impose proportionate sanctions or measures. The procedure enables the College to respond appropriately to breaches of the Rules of Behaviour, and to protect the College and its community. It does not exist to resolve personal disputes.

3.2.这个程序是一个内部程序,不具有与法庭程序相同的程序程度. While it is t在这里fore not necessary for persons who are participating in the procedure to be legally represented, 如果他们愿意,所有这些人都有权安排法律代表.

3.2.手术本身可能会给患者带来压力. 大学正规的外围app人员和决策者将考虑对那些参与程序的人的潜在影响, 在适当和可能的情况下, minimise these effects. 所有报到人的学院成员和员工, 受访者 and 见证es will receive information about how to access support during this process. 适当的支援将视案件的情况而定, 但可以由学院提供, 大学, 学生会谘询服务或外部支援机构.

3.2.4     Reasonable adjustments shall be made to the procedure to allow fair access for students with a 残疾. 受访者, 报告人员和证人被要求作出任何合理的调整,以使院长知道,以便这些可以落实到位. 院长可就合理调整征求专家意见,以确保适当实施,并应将任何调整记录在案.

3.2.5为了确保答辩人的观点在答辩过程中得到准确的表达,学院最好与答辩人直接通信. 然而, it is accepted that sometimes this will not be in the best interests of the 被调查者, 例如, w在这里 a 被调查者 is reluctant to make or receive decisions about a Concern without support, 由于潜在的健康状况或残疾而造成的. W在这里 a 被调查者 would prefer correspondence to be directed through an authorised representative, the 被调查者 must provide permission to the College in writing or via the 被调查者’s University email account. W在这里 this is appropriate, the 被调查者 will be given reasonable time to arrange this support.

3.2.6     It will not normally be possible for the Reporting Person to submit a Concern anonymously, apart from in exceptional circumstances w在这里 t在这里 is a compelling case as decided by the 迪安, supported by evidence, 为了调查此事. 在哪里接受匿名关注, 关注事项通常会附带独立证据,使调查得以进行,而无须匿名举报人士的参与.

3.2.7     Concerns are ideally submitted in a timely manner, so that matters can be dealt with effectively. 然而, it is accepted that this is not always possible, 例如,《正规的外围app》第2款规定的不当行为或其他行为的证据只有在相当长的一段时间后才变得明显, or w在这里 a matter has significantly impacted an individual and the effects of this impact have led to a delay in reporting. 提交关注事项没有任意的截止日期, 虽然在提出关注时,回应者必须是学生,以便实施有意义的制裁和措施.

3.2.8学院应及时调查和考虑有关问题, 在调查过程的每个阶段为受访者提供合理的截止日期, Reporting Persons and 见证es to provide information, and for decision-makers to render decisions. 然而, 在情况复杂的情况下,可能会出现延误, the Reporting Person, 答辩人或证人不能出席会议, or w在这里 the procedure has been suspended for good reason. 受访者 and Reporting Persons will be provided with updates w在这里 t在这里 is a delay.

3.2.证人应充分参与程序, as far as is reasonable in the circumstances.

3.2.10   W在这里 reasonable, 并且由院长决定, physical 会议 can be replaced by virtual 会议, w在这里 a 被调查者, 报告人或证人可透过视频或电话出席会议.

3.2.11   All decision-makers and investigators will receive appropriate advice, guidance and support.


3.2.13   Some breaches of the Rules of Behaviour could also constitute criminal offences. 学院一般不会调查正在进行刑事诉讼的事项(包括刑事调查及上诉程序), 在刑事诉讼程序完成之前暂停任何诉讼. W在这里 criminal proceedings are instituted after action under this procedure has begun, the College will normally pause such action until the criminal proceedings are complete. Following an investigation undertaken by the police and any subsequent criminal proceedings, 似乎不太可能进行或继续刑事诉讼的地方, 或学院调查的行为与经刑事诉讼程序考虑的行为不同, 学院可根据此或其他程序自行采取行动.

3.2.14   The College will treat relevant police fines, cautions or criminal convictions received by the 被调查者 as evidence that the behaviour, 这就是犯罪的依据, 发生. 警方或刑事诉讼的“无罪”或“不再采取行动”的结果本身并不会阻止学院自行调查是否发生了违反行为规则的行为.

3.2.15   Sometimes a Concern will be more appropriately investigated under another College procedure or a University procedure. 这将由院长决定, 与高级导师协商, 决定哪种程序最适合调查学生的行为. The College reserves the right to refer a matter to another procedure at any time during this procedure. Sometimes a Concern will be appropriately investigated under this procedure but nonetheless, following the outcome, 有必要将此事提交另一程序处理.

3.2.一些违反行为规则的行为也将违反大学的章程和条例,并可能导致大学采取纪律处分. 学院应考虑大学采取的任何行动.

3.2.17   W在这里 a Concern involves more than one 被调查者, 院长有权决定是否针对部分或全部回应者将关注事项分开进行调查.

3.2.院长(与高级导师协商)评估在调查进行期间有必要采取预防措施的情况, 院长将与高级导师联系以采取行动, and/or with 大学 to initiate the process outlined in 大学’s Statutes & Ordinances under Special Ordinance D (v): Precautionary Action (Special Ordinance under Statute D I).

3.2.19当手术进行时, 被投诉人不得直接或通过他人联系或试图联系报告人或任何其他被投诉人或证人,以了解被控的不当行为或其他行为. Except w在这里 precautionary action precludes it, 受访者可继续进修及完成学业, including graduating, 除非院长另有通知.

3.2.在使用过程中,所有的人都被要求在任何时候都有礼貌和理性的沟通和行为,并尊重地对待过程. 虐待行为是不能容忍的. If, following a warning, someone continues to behave in an unacceptable manner, 这个人可能会受到单独的纪律处分. The person may be required by a decision-maker to stop engaging with this procedure or engage in a limited manner, 即使这影响到关切事项的审议或随后的呼吁.

3.2.21   The standard of proof used when making determinations under this procedure is on the balance of probabilities. 这意味着有必要证明,在对答辩人实施任何制裁或措施之前,违反《正规的外围app》的行为很可能已经发生. Decisions must be supported by evidence; it is not enough simply to believe that something is likely to have happened.

Information sharing

3.2.22   All information received from a Reporting Person, 被调查者, 见证, 正规的外围app员, 大学官, or 员工 will be handled sensitively and in accordance with the College’s Data Protection Policy.

3.2.23   The College shall share information and evidence with the 被调查者 as follows:

(a) When an investigation of a Concern is undertaken, the 迪安 shall write to the 被调查者 to confirm that a Concern naming the 被调查者 has been received, 被指控行为的性质, the relevant Rules of Behaviour that have allegedly been breached and that an investigation shall be conducted. The 迪安 will provide a brief summary of the Concern, 申报人的姓名(除非, 异常, 匿名关注已被接受), 并描述调查过程, the possible outcomes, 包括转介到其他程序, 例如健身练习, and who may need to be informed of these outcomes. 院长将告知答辩人可获得的支持途径和潜在的后果,如果该关注涉及涉嫌的不当行为或其他可能构成刑事罪行的行为;

(b)在对关注事项作出决定之前, 学院应与被申请人共享调查报告. 除决策者确定有令人信服的理由不这样做外,报告应全部分享. A compelling reason may include: w在这里 the identity of the Reporting Person or of a 见证, 或者提供了属于另一个人的个人数据或特殊类别的数据,而该人不希望被共享, and t在这里 is a compelling case 为了调查此事 without revealing this information to the 被调查者. 令人信服的理由可包括所提供的资料与关注事项无关,因此无须依赖;

(c)在对关注事项作出决定后, 包括将关注事项提交纪律委员会的决定, the College shall share with the 被调查者 the reasoned decision of the 迪安 or Discipline Committee, 包括任何制裁或措施.

(d)当有关关切事项的程序完成时, including when an investigation is not undertaken, and following completion of a complaint process or expiration of a period in which a complaint can be made, 学院应向答辩人发出《正规的外围app》. 该信函应包括关注或投诉的陈述, and the reasoned decision of the relevant decision-maker. 然而, 在什么情况下,共享这一信息可能会对根据不同程序或由外部机构进行的调查产生影响, a delay to informing the 被调查者 may be necessary.

3.2.24学院将分担调查的发起工作, 调查报告(按第2段所述编订).23), 以及教务长或纪律委员会的合理决定, 包括任何制裁或措施, with 大学, 监管机构(例如, 披露及限制服务), 专业团体(例如, the General Medical Council), 或与答辩人有联系的其他机构, w在这里 it is appropriate to do so (例如, w在这里 the 被调查者 holds a position of responsibility for children or vulnerable adults). The College shall inform the police of any evidence it obtains of serious criminal conduct, or w在这里 the College considers that someone may be at significant and immediate risk of harm. The College may disclose other information received through this procedure to the police w在这里 formally requested to do so.

3.2.25   The College shall share the 迪安’s reasoned decision whether to investigate a Concern with a Reporting Person. If a Concern is investigated, the College shall share 调查报告(按第2段所述编订).23), 教务长或纪律委员会的合理决定, 包括任何制裁或措施, with a Reporting Person w在这里 such information is relevant. “相关”信息是对报告人员有直接影响的信息. Following completion of a complaint process or expiration of a period in which a complaint can be made, 学院须向报告人发出《十大外围app》.

3.2.26   The College shall share 教务长或纪律委员会的合理决定, 包括任何制裁或措施, with a 见证 w在这里 such information is relevant. “相关”信息是对证人有直接影响的信息.

3.3. Submitting a Concern

3.3.1     The College will be informed of a potential breach of the Rules of Behaviour by a Reporting Person. 举报人可能是受到指称行为影响的人, witnessed the alleged behaviour or became aware of the alleged behaviour through other means. W在这里 the Reporting Person is not the 迪安, paragraphs 2-6 of this section are relevant. 如果报告人是院长,这部分的第4-6段是否相关.

3.3.2     To submit a Concern, the Reporting Person must submit relevant information or evidence to the 迪安 or Senior Tutor.

3.3.3     The 迪安 shall communicate with the Reporting Person to acknowledge the Concern that has been received, to request further information w在这里 necessary, 并向报告人提供一次会议,讨论程序, though this can take place before a Concern is submitted.


(a) t在这里 is an allegation that, on the face of it, would appear to breach the Rules of Behaviour;

(b) this procedure is the most appropriate procedure to use to investigate the matter; and


3.3.5在满足所有标准的情况下,院长应对关注进行调查. W在这里 at least one of the criteria has not been met, 院长不得调查该关注, 但可将该事项交由另一程序审议.

3.3.6在此之前,“关注”的部分内容已被调查, it is at the discretion of the 迪安 to decide whether to investigate the aspect that has not yet been investigated, 考虑到为什么之前没有对此事进行全面调查, 调查结束后经过的时间, the severity of the misconduct or other behaviour, 进行第二次学科调查对被调查者的影响, 以及如作出不调查该事项的决定,是否会对被投诉人的执业资格产生影响.

3.4. Investigating a Concern

3.4.1院长应进行调查,调查可能需要书面陈述, 会议 and evidence relevant to the investigation. 所有调查会议都应作书面记录. 任何被要求参加调查会议的人都可以带一名他们选择的支持者参加会议,并将被引导到适当的支持来源. At the meeting they can present written information, 证据和任何证人的姓名, and they shall have the opportunity to comment on the 迪安’s written notes of any meeting that they have attended.

3.4.2院长通常应与报告人及答辩人会面,以收到引起关注的情况的口头说明, 接收与本关注有关的证据及任何证人的姓名. The Reporting Person and 被调查者 should not attempt to investigate the matter themselves, 但应向教务长提供所有相关资料. The 迪安 may meet with any 见证es or instead collect information through written statements. 院长应给予任何受被调查行为影响的人作出影响陈述的机会.

3.4.3 .除了关注本身, 调查须包括关注的严重程度, 答辩人提供的任何减刑, 以及被投诉人以往任何相关违反行为规则的行为. During the investigation, 可能有必要要求那些已经提供了口头或书面叙述的人提供进一步的资料和答复. Information the 迪安 may consider collecting, w在这里 relevant and available, 包括验证他人提供的信息, records of correspondence, 中央电视台的证据, door-locking evidence, medical evidence from qualified medical practitioners, 还有网上活动的记录. 这是一个非详尽的名单,院长可以要求任何其他材料,院长认为将提供价值的调查. The College does not have the resources to undertake its own forensic investigation and t在这里fore, unless this type of information already exists, 院长通常不应寻求它.

3.4.4     The 迪安 shall produce an Investigative Report, 列出在调查中收集到的资料和证据.

3.5. 院长的决定

3.5.1     Following the investigation, the 迪安 shall reach one of the following decisions:

(a) To impose a minor sanction or measure w在这里 a breach of the Rules of Behaviour has occurred and w在这里 it is considered that a minor sanction or measure is appropriate; minor sanctions ordinarily include a written warning, community service, 一个很好的, 酒精禁令, 宵禁, or a lesser sanction;


(c) W在这里 neither a) nor b) is appropriate: (i) to take no further action; (ii) to refer the matter for decision under another procedure.

3.5.2     In considering whether to impose a minor sanction or measure or refer the case to the Discipline Committee, the 迪安 shall consider the following factors:

(a) The seriousness of the breach as specified in paragraph 4 of the Rules of Behaviour;

(b) Whether the 被调查者 has admitted to the breach and when such an admission 发生;

(c) Whether the 被调查者 has expressed remorse and/or shown insight into the impact of the breach;


3.5.3     Having imposed a minor sanction or measure, 如果被投诉人不遵守轻微制裁或措施,院长可将案件提交纪律委员会审议.

3.5.4     The 迪安 shall produce a report stating the decision taken and the supporting reasons. 调查报告中没有依据的证据是什么, this will be explained in the reasons for the decision.

3.6. 纪律委员会的考虑

3.6.1纪律委员会的行动和程序, including reference to the Committee by the 主, are specified in the Discipline Committee Ordinance.

3.7. Access to the College’s Complaints Procedure

[This procedure deals with complaints about the way in which a decision was reached and is currently under review.]



3.7.3     A 被调查者, 学生证人或学生报告人可以对院长根据第5条决定施加轻微制裁或措施提出投诉


* These are listed in the Equality Act 2010 and are: age, 残疾, gender reassignment, 婚姻和民事伴侣关系, pregnancy and maternity, 比赛, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.