Please note that multiple Colleges are involved in this programme and so you will see information about ClickCambridge 在多个学院的网站上. The information remains the same across the Colleges and refers to the same programme.


We are excited to announce the launch of ClickCambridge 2021/22! ClickCambridge是一个在线课程, run collaboratively by a group of Cambridge Colleges, which aims to equip students with the information and skills needed to apply to selective universities. 该课程面向在英国定居的学生 Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Arab (BPA)/mixed BPA students who are in 第12年(或等值,e.g. 13年级S5 (NI).

ClickCambridge 2021/22 will build on the success of last year’s pilot programme:

“The best part of ClickCambridge was the ongoing support that was available. It covered everything that I was worried about, especially supercurriculars and personal statements.”

“I was able to ask Cambridge students questions and they really debunked the myth that Cambridge is only for the elite.”

“Everyone was very nice and helpful, it felt like a mini community.”

This year’s programme contains a range of monthly sessions which will address various aspects of university applications and the student experience. There will also be opportunities to develop key study skills and extend subject-specific knowledge. 在整个项目, both potential applicants and parents/guardians will have plenty of chances to ask questions. This year’s programme is still being developed, based on the feedback from last year’s students. For reference, the 2020-21 programme is below:

2020 - 21个项目

October                              Introduction to ClickCambridge and ‘Supercurriculars’

November                         Q&A与剑桥学生

December/January          Q&家长会议

February                            学习技巧的会话

March                                 Subject Taster Sessions with Cambridge Academics

April                                    Small Group Q&和现在的剑桥学生一样

May                                     Critical Engagement Scaffolding and Supercurricular Resources

June                                    个人陈述车间


We would like to support as many students as possible through the programme. However, 如果节目超额预定, we will prioritise students who match one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have lived, or are currently living, in local authority care
  • 就读于英国公立学校
  • Are eligible, or have been eligible within the past six years, for free school meals
  • Are a refugee
  • Have caring responsibilities for a family member
  • Live in neighbourhoods with low overall progression rates to higher education
  • Have no parental history of higher education
  • 有一个残疾


Students interested in joining the programme can register by filling in this webform by 2021年10月15日星期五:


Sessions will be held over Zoom, through a mix of webinars and interactive events.

Sessions will take place on weekdays after school and they will be run several times so that as many people as possible can attend. Dates and further information will be made available once your place on the programme is confirmed.

Students are expected to attend as many sessions as possible throughout the year, and to watch recordings for any sessions they are not able to attend live.


For any queries about the programme, please contact Catherine Walker at

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01223 338356
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