These terms and 条件 apply to the exclusion of any terms including any in your purchase order forms or other documentation. This contract is between us and you and not any other person or organisation for whom you may book rooms, 食物和设施. 正规的外围app接受预订是由您单独作出的,预订不得转让给代理或第三方,没有正规的外围app的书面协议. You are responsible for paying all charges, including any extra charges arising under this contract. 本合同应受英国法律的管辖,并在所有方面按照英国法律进行解释,双方特此服从英国法院的专属管辖权. Definition “The College” and “we” or “us” means St Catharine's College, Cambridge, CB2 1RL. “客户”和“您”是指预订合同中指定的主办机构, 合同的哪一部分. “合同”系指学院与委托人之间的协议. 


  1. 在正规的外围app收到已签署的预订合同和学院以书面形式接受预订之前,预订将不具有约束力,任何合同将不存在. 之后,正规的外围app之间的合同就存在了.
  2. Acceptance of the booking is confirmed on the basis that the client agrees to pay all the charges set out in the contract. 合同将明确规定住宿条件, 餐饮及其他设施, 包括您已预订的号码,并将包括您和正规的外围app之间达成的任何其他安排的明确声明.
  3. 在提交已签署的预订合同后,必须支付合同下预计总金额的25%的定金. 此押金不可退还(除非符合第15条规定). If the deposit payment is not received within 30 days of the date of the deposit invoice, 学院保留取消申请的权利. 根据第14条的规定,您仍需支付取消费用.
  4. 付款方式可采用银行转账或信用卡/借记卡. 学院保留规定必须使用何种付款方式的权利,并且不接受超过3000英镑余额的信用卡付款.
  5. The College will issue an invoice for the balance due within 10 days of the completion of the event. 这张发票必须在发票开出之日起30天内付款.
  6. 除非另有明确说明, 所有价格都不包括增值税,增值税将被添加和支付, 除非预订免征增值税. 如果免税,合同必须附有一份完整的增值税豁免表格.
  7. 学院保留根据1998年商业债务迟付(利息)法案收取利息的权利,该法案当时已修订或修改并生效, 到期后未付的款项, that interest rate at present being 8% above the prevailing Bank of England base rate.
  8. 您同意支付参加您预订的活动的个人在离开时未支付的所有额外费用. This is superseded if the individual signs their own terms and 条件 direct with the College.
  9. 如对发票有任何疑问,请在收到发票后7天内寄给学院. 如果对发票的一部分有任何疑问, 无争议的部分仍应在到期日支付.
  10. 预订合同如有变更, 您的号码比原来预订的减少或活动被取消, 取消费用将按照第14条的规定执行.
  11. No charges will be made for any reductions in numbers of up to 5% from those stated on the Contract, providing we receive from you written notification of such reductions at least 14 days prior to arrival.
  12. Should a reduction in numbers of more than 5% from those stated in the Contract be made at any time prior to the event, 正规的外围app将首先努力转售任何发布的设施和服务. 在此情况下,释放的设施和服务不能转售, then any reductions of more than 5% from those stated in the Contract shall be subject to our Cancellation Policy.
  13. 任何取消, partial cancellation or postponement must be received in writing from you and will take effect from the date of receipt by the College.
  14. 取消费用将是对正规的外围app损失的真正预估, being a proportion of your pre-booked 住宿 and Room Hire (ARH) and Food and Beverages (F&B)费用如下表所示:
    适用的取消通知期限  取消费用
    91多天 25% arh 25% f&B 
    90 - 61天  60%或45% f&B 
    60-28天 f&B
    提前不到28天通知 90%或65% f&B 
    提前7天通知 100% arh 100% f&B 
  15. 如(i)本学院认为任何预约会损害本学院(包括本学院)的声誉,本学院可取消预约 & Stag parties; (ii) you are more than 30 days in arrears in respect of payments due to previous bookings; (iii) the purpose of the booking differs from that on the booking form; (iv) we become aware of a significant alteration in your financial situation.
  16. Bedroom accommodation is available from 14:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure, 除非商定了具体的替代安排. 如果您不能按时退房,可能会被收取延迟退房费.
  17. The meeting and dining rooms are available for the time shown on your contract and any dinner service must commence at latest 8pm. 任何延期可能招致额外费用.
  18. 任何一方如因超出其合理控制范围的事件而未能履行其在本合同项下的义务,则该方无需对另一方承担责任, provided that w在这里 a deposit has been paid we reserve the right to deduct the reasonable costs arising from cancellation of a booking, 根据本条款.
  19. 双方承认英国当前的新冠肺炎危机,并接受英国政府的任何官方指导意见. The parties agree to communicate without delay any issues they may have in performing their obligations under this agreement. The College acknowledge that 新型冠状病毒肺炎 may require us to take one or more of the following measures for the safety of our staff and the safety of delegates attending the event to which this booking relates: (i) impose maximum delegate numbers at the event; (ii) limit food or drink availability; (iii) impose specific requirements regarding personal protective equipment such as the wearing of masks; (iv) restrict the numbers of overnight stays if applicable; and/or (v) limit any planned entertainment for your event; (vi) designate alternative entrance and exit routes. 在某些情况下,正规的外围app可能会考虑调整您的预订费. 如果正规的外围app因特定的政府限制而被迫, 结束正规的外围app的活动, 正规的外围app可以为您提供另一个活动日期,但如果您不能同意,预订将被视为取消,您的定金将被全额退还,无需再支付任何费用. If you are unable to provide the agreed delegate numbers because of infections or travel restrictions, 然后正规的外围app会为你的活动提供一定比例的优惠. 如代表人数少于合约人数的70%(主办单位至少于活动前14个工作天以书面通知), 正规的外围app保留取消活动的权利.
  20. 学院不承担任何财产损失或损坏的责任, 属于客户的车辆或设备, 其雇员或任何团体成员/代表. 学院也不对任何人的死亡或人身伤害承担任何责任,除非是由于学院或其雇员的任何疏忽或欺诈行为或不作为而造成的直接后果.
  21. 如有任何索赔,申请人须赔偿并保持学院的全部赔偿, 与使用学院有关的损失或损害, 关于这一事件. 这种赔偿也适用于这些行为, 遗漏, 你所使用的任何外部承包商的违约和疏忽.
  22. 你必须对学院设施的任何损坏负责,以及在你使用学院的任何其他财产或设备的损失或损坏负责, 正常磨损以外的原因. 任何发生的损坏都可能导致修理损坏的费用. 此外,如果这种损害导致该区域无法在随后的白天/夜晚使用, 您将收取任何确认业务,受到上述损害的影响.
  23. It is your responsibility to ensure that all individuals attending your event are familiar with, 理解这些条款和条件, 在适用情况下. 你们的代表是否有不良行为, 不被学院接受的, 其雇员或其他占用人, 正规的外围app保留立即终止他们逗留的权利. 如果发生这种情况,没有钱将被退还. 学院对上述事项有最终决定权.
  24. 学院必须遵守某些许可证, 健康和安全, 防止(促进恐怖主义或传播非暴力极端主义)和其他法律法规,并要求你们履行这方面的义务. 客户与学院承诺,在任何时候都确保遵守学院场所的健康、安全及消防规定.
  25. 学院规定不接受16岁以下的住客. Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times with a minimum ratio of 1 supervisor to 10 minors, 除非事先得到学院的同意.
  26. You must obtain the prior written approval from the College for any externally organised entertainment, services or activities that you have arranged; and the College shall have no liability for any resulting costs or damage.
  27. Any contract you may sign with an external contractor is exclusively between you and that party. The College reserves the right to issue our own contract and terms of service to the contractor.
  28. All catering must be purchased through the College unless explicitly agreed in advance. 如果同意, we will charge corkage or equivalent charges for all drinks or food brought onto and consumed on our premises.
  29. No animals or pets of any kind, with the exception of assistance dogs, are allowed onto our premises.
  30. 你向学院保证不允许拍照, 放映电影摄影影片, 允许电视摄像机进入, 除非事先达成协议,否则在正规的外围app的场所播放或表演的音乐. 对于这种进入,可能会收取额外费用. 有关详情,请参阅书院拍摄政策.
  31. 你在学院承担责任, 除非事先达成协议, 以确保所有与[学院活动]有关或提及的电子和可阅读材料(包括网络材料)均带有以下图例, [客户]是与剑桥学院签订使用设施合同的[简要说明]:否则,该活动与剑桥大学或其学院没有任何联系或联系. 你在学院承担责任 not to carry out any activity in any manner that would be contrary to, 或与, the mission or activities of the University or its Colleges or which might bring the University of its Colleges into disrepute.
  32. 你不能使用这个名字, 标志, 佳洁士, coat of arms or insignia of The 剑桥大学 (‘the University’); the College name, 波峰和商标, 以及学院的任何照片, may only be used for publicity or any other purpose once a proof of the material has been agreed by the College. 您将不会获得使用该名称、徽标或徽标的任何权利. No statement may be published concerning the College without our prior written approval. The parties to this Agreement intend that the University will be able to enforce this clause as if the University were a party to it, 根据1999年合同(第三方权利)法案. 未经大学事先书面同意,不得修改本条款. This term would apply to all clauses relating to the reputational risk of the University (in addition to those of the College).
  33. 你不能把自己当作, 射气的, 或大学或其任何学院的代理人或代表. 您不得明示或暗示您或您的任何服务已被大学或其任何学院认可或认可, 或者会带来任何与他们相关的好处.
  34. 你不可以在任何大学举办任何活动, 或者似乎是, a graduation ceremony that is not part of or endorsed by the 剑桥大学. This includes displaying materials that suggest or delegates being clothed in a graduation gown and/or mortarboard.
  35. 您必须提供最终细节的确认,包括委托列表, 饮食需求, 一份会议计划,以及所有发言者的姓名和主题, 不迟于活动开始日期前10个工作天. 学院将履行预防策略下的法定义务.
  36. 你是否应该对项目或预期数字做出重大改变, 这可能导致正规的外围app提供的价格和/或设施的修订.
  37. 对原合同的任何变更必须以书面形式提交. 经学院书面确认后,新的资料将被视为适用,而以前的资料将不再适用. 正规的外围app会不时地向您发出更新后的合同. 列出您预订的当前价值. 您在此承认并同意在任何取消的情况下, any supplementary quotations shall be incorporated into the Contract for the purposes of these terms and 条件.
  38. 正规的外围app将保留您提供给正规的外围app的联系方式, and we will use this information to maintain contact with you to provide your requested services, 管理他们的送货,并为他们开具账单. 虽然正规的外围app保留您的联系信息,但正规的外围app可能会就正规的外围app的服务与您联系. 你可以在任何时候取消订阅. 有关正规的外围app私隐政策的详细资料,请浏览 www.导管.凸轮.ac.英国/关于正规的外围app/学院的文件/数据保护&盼;

个人住宿预订的条款和条件可在此找到 在这里.


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