This page offers resources for nurturing our spiritual life and for exploring the relationship between faith and some of the major themes in the current life of the world - you are welcome to use these resources whether or not you would consider yourself religious, though most of the resources come from the Christian tradition as it is the one I know best. 

Please do contact me if you'd like to chat about anything to do with spiritual wellbeing, as well as general wellbeing  - as part of the welfare team I'm here to support all students, 工作人员和同伴, 不管有没有信仰. 



  • There is an excellent prayer resource on climate change and especially praying through COP26 here
  • The small Chapel Library (which is found on top of the cupboards in the antechapel) includes several borrowable books on theology and environmental matters. If there are books you think it would be good to add to this library, let me know. 
  • If you are interested in the relationship between the Christian faith and caring for the earth, 你可能会喜欢读一些来自 约翰·雷倡议 or A Rocha, or Green Christian
  • If you are interested in the relationship between Islam and sustainability, check out the MCB可持续发展和气候变化项目
  • Many other faiths also have their own sustainability projects and resources, and take part in interfaith ecology work - if you'd like to find out more within your own tradition, 我很乐意帮你找到一些联系人和组织. 
  • Get involved in the Chapel's application to become an Eco Chapel (email 更多信息)


  • 诗篇139讲述 (uploaded here for Transgender awareness week and day of Remembrance, but worth reading at any time)
    This reflection is based on one of the Psalms, which is a sacred text for both Jews and Christians.
  • 包容的教堂 是教会网络吗, groups and individuals uniting together around a shared vision of a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate. 该网站提供肯定和发人深省的资源, 并列出每个地区的成员教堂. 
  • 教堂图书馆还包括几本关于身份问题的书, equality, 多样性和包容性, 欢迎你借哪一种.  


I am hoping to establish a regular or occsional opportunity to look together at what it means to live well in a complex world, and to offer mutual support and encouragement as we navigate that complexity. 这个团体对任何信仰或没有信仰的人开放, and would be a safe space to explore who we are and how we work out how we want to live. 如果你有兴趣参加,请让我知道.

Hopeful Stories

在去年的四旬斋期间, the chaplaincy produced weekly 'hopeful stories' - a collection of small and large stories that offer hope in troubled times, and encourage us to pay attention to where the light is shining in dark places. 四旬斋结束了,但这些故事仍然适合你: 


When someone dies, we may find ourselves thinking more about what life means, and about 'ultimate quesitons,包括正规的外围app死后会发生什么. During the pandemic many people in the College community will have suffered bereavement directly, 正规的外围app所有人都曾面临死亡这一现实, 以及处理其他损失(失去确定性, security, confidence, 社会关系, and more).  The death of the Duke of Edinburgh may also have triggered memories of our own bereavements. If you are dealing with any of these losses and would like some support, or if you find yourself wrestling with ultimate questions and are not sure how to handle them, you are welcome to contact me or any member of the Welfare Team - we are here for you, 也可以让你得到专家的支持. 

不管你是否认为自己有宗教信仰, you may wish to 'light a virtual candle' as a way of setting aside time to think or pray or take comfort in joining others in a simple act of ackowledging grief. You can do so here. 


The Faraday Institute runs regular events and seminars on the relationship between science and religion, 其中很多都是免费的. 他们的网站也提供了一系列非常棒的视频资源. 



  • 装修卵石 -从地上捡起一颗鹅卵石, 用丙烯酸颜料装饰, 或者甚至只是笔——使用能提醒你自我价值的图像, 你作为一个人的价值, 把它放在你的桌子上作为一个提醒, or put it in your pocket so the weight and shape of it is always with you.  你也可以给朋友做一个.  This term, 有卵石彩绘(提供所有材料), 不需要经验)每周五A4 (12.15-12.45).
  • Go for a walk -有一些步行路线, 不同长度的, 关于福利中心, 有地图和照片,如果你想自己做的话.  你可以通过花时间呼吸来进入精神世界, 关注你周围创造的奇迹, 停下来,向经过你身边的人祈求祝福, and reflect on your own spiritual journey as you undertake a physical journey.  一旦条件允许, 牧师会宣传到伊利的“长路”(18英里), 你还需要一双像样的靴子, but it is flat!), which ends with the option to go into the Cathedral and let Evensong wash over you. This article explores the idea of turning a walk into a pilgrimage (which needn't be tied to a particular religion), and introduces some tradition pilgrimage routes that you might want to put on your 'wish list' for after the pandemic. 
  • 弄脏你的手 -种植一些盆栽植物或种一些种子,并培育它们. 如果你现在在剑桥, 也许还会加入大学园艺俱乐部, 它有自己的分配.  手上沾了泥巴, 种植自己能吃的东西的满足感, 对身体和精神健康有好处吗. 
  • Love your food - consider developing a practice of being thankful for food - think about who made it, 这些成分可能是从哪里来的, 谁给你端来的, 在你吃之前, 对所有支持正规的外围app的人发出感谢的想法或祈祷. And if you'd like to send a thank you card to our amazing kitchen staff every so often, 那会让他们开心的:-)
  • Go green - some people experience the need to be more sustainable as a spiritual matter as well as a moral and practical imperative.  There are loads of ways to get involved in sustainability work at Catz, and I'm always very happy to talk green with anyone who shows any interest in this! 


  • “局部祈祷” 与生活中的世界联系,实时事件,等等. 来自英国国教
  • Daily Prayer 来自英国国教 - this page offers links to a set of short services, updated daily, 你可以单独使用,也可以和朋友一起使用.


这里还没有包括其他传统的祈祷, 因为他们不是我能提供的, 每个祷告都有自己的意义和价值.  如果你想建议一个最喜欢的祷告词, 虔诚的练习, or spiritual quotation from your own tradition that you think others might find helpful, please contact me.  

Meanwhile, 了解不同的信仰传统, 包括祈祷和灵性, 或者在你自己的传统中找到一个礼拜的地方, 点击下面的链接 this page,或联系我以获得更多建议. When we know more about one another's traditions we can support one another in living faithfully, 尤其是在充满挑战的时期.